ETCO2 Sensor Cable ( All Monitors)

Cost-effective EtCO2 monitoring program for clinical practice. It is plug-in and play. Advanced non-spectrophotometric infrared technology can be used to measure the instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiratory rate, end-tidal CO2 value and inspired CO2 concentration of the measured object.

Product Features:

1. Simple Operation;

2. Stable, dual a1 waveband, NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology;

3. Long service life, infrared biakbody light source of MEMS technology;

4. Accurate calculation result, compensating temperature, pressure and Bayesian gas;

5. Calibration-free, patented calibration algorithms;

6. With a minimum samplingflow rate of 5oml/min;

7. Srong compatibility, adapt for various brand modules.



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