Neonatal Ventilator Drager Babylog 8000 Refurbished

Control principle :  Continuous flow, pressure-limited, time-cycled
Conventional ventilation :  IMV/IPPV, CPAP
Triggered ventilation : IMV, SIPPV, PSV1
High Frequency Ventilation1 3:  CPAP+HFV, IMV+HFV
Frequency : 5 to 20 Hz
Volume Gurantee Ventilation: 1 SIMV+VG, SIPPV+VG, PSV+VG
Oxygen mixer loss (bleed flow):  0 (zero) L/min

Inspiratory Oxygen concentration : 21–100 vol.% oxygen
Peak inspiratory pressure : 10 to 80 mbar
PEEP/CPAP 0 to 25 mbar
Maximal frequency 200 bpm2
Inspiratory time 0.1 to 2 seconds
Expiratory time 0.2 to 30 seconds
Inspiratory flow 1 to 30 L/min
HFOV is not available in the USA

Monitoring: Flow Monitoring At the Y-piece, integrated, Volume Monitoring At the Y-piece, integrated, Lung function monitoring Compliance, resistance C20/C, time constant, r, FiO2 Monitoring Integrated, Real-time curves Flow and pressure, integrated, Inspiratory Oxygen concentration 21–100 vol.% oxygen
Peak Pressure To 99 mbar, Mean Airway Pressure To 99 mbar, Graphic trends 6 parameters, integrated
Logbook Record of last 100 alarms



The Drager Babylon 8000 plus offers Non-invasive respiratory support for Neonatal patients, including premature babies, newborns, and infants with a weight up to 44lbs (20 kg). The Babylog was designed for harmonious ventilation which is a platform that can adapt to the necessary needs from spontaneous breathing to changes in lung conditions. The Drager Babylon 8000 plus is a high-frequency ventilation system, that can provide CPAAP and IMV modes. The system can monitor inspiratory oxygen concentration, airway pressure, flow, tidal volume, and breathing rate. The patient’s data can be transferred from the ventilator to either a patient monitor or a central monitoring station.

  • Can be used on Neonatal and Pediatric patients under the weight of 44 lbs or 20kg
  • Allows for optimal levels of spontaneous breathing
  • The Volume Guarantee (VG) features combine the advantage of pressure and volume-controlled ventilation
  • An integrated airway monitoring system that can display waveforms of pressure and flow
Neonatal Ventilator Drager Babylog 8000 Refurbished


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