Thermofischer CO2 Incubator Heracell 150i GP

  • HEPA filtration
  • Copper
  • Data output
  • Oxygen control
  • TC CO2 sensor
  • Water jacketed or direct heat
  • iCAN touchscreen display
  • Decontamination cycle (ContraCon)
Solutions for high value cells

Variable oxygen control (Tri-gas) chambers can enhance cell growth and deliver more biologically relevant results

Advanced contamination control

100% copper interiors, HEPA filtration and automated sterilization cycles reduce maintenance and cleaning workload.

Active airflow

Fan-assisted and precisely engineered airflow delivers exceptional environmental uniformity and recovery to achieve optimal cell growth conditions and better experimental reproducibility.

Cleanroom compatible CO₂ incubators

Purpose built design and innovative technology ideal for GMP facilities with stringent air quality and cleaning requirements.

Easy to operate

Intuitive iCAN interface simplifies use and puts advanced controls at your fingertips.

Innovative Cell Locker System

A breakthrough in cell culture management, individual Cell Locker chambers are part of a system that provides enhanced cell protection and growth conditions.


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