Flexicare Neonatal Resuscitator

Precise Pressures

Safe and consistent Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) can be delivered for every breath with controlled delivery.

Accurate Delivery

Used with a blender and flow meter, NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator delivers accurate oxygen concentrations of up to 100%, with flow rates of up to 15L/min.

Lung Protective Delivery

Provides consistent, controlled resuscitation breaths to help prevent over-distension of the lung.

Durable and Dependable

High quality, durable aluminum casing with recessed metal fittings in sleek design.

Secure Connection


NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator has a metal gas inlet which connects securely to standard oxygen tubing.

Universal Connection


Standard 15mm Female Connector accepts standard Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuits without the need for an adapter.



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