Wipro GE Voluson E8 (Refurbished)

Radiance System Architecture: Innovative design and more powerful capabilities simplifies scanning, delivering enhanced contrast resolution, faster processing speeds, and frame rates
Image Quality: From superb 2D images to 3D/4D imaging technologies, you get excellent results with minimal effort and time
Proven Workflow: Proven interface coupled with automation and ergonomic design
Edison—Artificial Intelligence: Using AI in SonoCNS reduces keystrokes by 80% for fetal brain exams



Radiantflow of Voluson technology


Achieve a new standard of color Doppler with Radiantflow™—delivering easy, fast visualization of even the tiniest of vessels.

SlowflowHD of Voluson technology


SlowflowHD and Slowflow3D help you to visualize low velocity vessels in 2D and 3D obstetrical and gynecological exams.

HDlive Technologies

HDlive Technologies

The suite of HDlive™ Technologies is an essential problem solving tool for a deeper understanding of relational anatomy and developing structures.

Advanced VCI with OmniView of Voluson technology

Advanced VCI with OmniView

Streamline your volume imaging by obtaining any plane from a 3D or 4D volume by simply drawing a line, curve, poly-line, or trace. Further enhance image with adjustable slice thickness for improved contrast resolution.

SonoCNS of Voluson technology


An Edison application using deep learning technology—SonoCNS helps properly align and display recommended views and measurements of the fetal brain. Now 29% faster than previous version.*

Uterine Trace of Voluson technology

Uterine Trace

Taking the effort out of 3D with Uterine Trace—in 3 simple steps, obtain the coronal plane of the uterus. Links directly to Uterine Classification pictograms for easy documentation of uterine shape.

MI/TI Limits of Voluson technology

MI/TI Limits

Addressing acoustic output concerns, the Voluson E8 offers customizable TI settings and MI alerts based on the latest ISUOG/AIUM recommendation.

Scan Assistant of Voluson technology

Scan Assistant

Balance schedules while increasing patient satisfaction with this flexible, customizable exam protocol tool – increase exam consistency and productivity while documenting for quality assurance purposes.

3D Printing of Voluson technology

3D Printing

Explore 3D printing for rapid clinical prototyping, research, and parent bonding. Export files directly from the Voluson ultrasound system to instantly 3D print. Downloading directly helps save time and reduces complexity.


Designed for maximum security protection, Voluson SonoDefense is multiple layers of security. It enhances the overall security of your system and patient data with features like USB defense, Windows® 10 hardening, Whitelisting, and HD encryption.

Tricefy of Voluson technology


With Tricefy™ inside your Voluson, you can share images instantly with patients and colleagues as well as archive your clips, images, and reports securely. Patients enjoy a seamless experience through the Tricefy Patient App.

4DView of Voluson technology


With 4DView, GE Healthcare has developed a software that allows you to optimize, manipulate, and analyze volume ultrasound data offline—when and where you need it. Contact your local GE Healthcare Representative for more information. 4DView is not available in all countries.

Wipro GE Voluson E8 (Refurbished)


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